Antares Development Corporation

VID # 1-74-249-3325-100


QISV Ordering Address:

Antares Development Corporation
ATTN: State & Local Government Division
6243 IH-10 West, Suite 870
San Antonio, TX 78201

This is a true and accurate copy of the catalogue approved with the

Texas Building and Procurement Commission


Effective Date of Catalogue:
June 1, 1995

This catalog has been updated.   Last version updated August 1, 2003.


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Vendor Contact Information

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Contact Person: Gene Rodriguez
Phone #: 210-736-2220
Fax #: 210-736-2242
E-Mail Address:

Product / Services Information


Class/Item Description
204-46 Imaging System, Microcomputer (Including Digital Imaging Network-DIN)
204-88 Scanners, Document: Handheld, Desktop, and High Volume
204-90 Scanners and Readers, Optical Character: Bar Code, Remittance Scanner Processers
206-56 Imaging Systems, Mini and Main Frame Computer
206-80 Retrieval Systems, Computer Aided: Indexing, Retrieval and Access Systems
208-42 OCR and Scanner Software
208-53 Integrated Software
209-28 Communications: Networking, Linking, etc.
209-62 OCR and Scanner Software
918-30 Computer Network Consulting
918-29 Computer Software Consulting
920-14 Applications Software
920-22 Computer Digitizing Services
920-24 Data Conversion Services
920-45 Software Maintenance/Support
958-82 Records Management Services (Including Document Management Services)

Catalogue Information


NOTE to State Agencies:
If this Qualified Information Systems Vendor provides consulting services and if the value of the consulting contract is reasonably foreseen to exceed $15,000.00, please refer to the Texas Government Code, Subtitle F, Chapter 2254.


NOTES to all Eligible Purchasers: Only Automated Information System (AIS) products and services may be purchased from this catalogue. Products not eligible for the catalogue purchase procedure must be edited out by the vendor. Any telecommunication services that may be included within this catalogue shall only be procured by the General Services Commission. Disregard any statement in this catalogue that states that prices and availability may change without notice. This catalogue is required to be kept current by the vendor. Disregard any "proprietary, confidential, copyright (C), all rights reserved" statements in this catalogue. Eligible purchasers are allowed to make copies of this catalogue. For services and products offered in this catalogue that have only one price, the price shown may be considered both the list price and state price. Any terms and conditions in this catalogue that conflict with the Constitution or laws of the state of Texas shall not be enforceable and, therefore, will not be binding. All AIS products and services offered in this catalogue conform and comply with all applicable standards adopted by the DIR; and all products conform to all state and federal requirements such as ANSI, FCC, NEMA, OSHA and UL standards.


Vendor Affirmation
By signing the GSC QISV Catalogue Purchasing Program application and submitting this catalogue through the program, the vendor has reviewed TAC 113.19, and agrees to comply with the rules as stated for the QISV program. The vendor will also: not give, offer to give, or intend to give at any time hereafter any economic opportunity, future employment, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, trip, favor, or service to a public servant in connection with catalogue purchase transactions; not currently be delinquent in the payment of any franchise tax owed the State of Texas under Tax Code, Chapter 171(go to "Certification of Franchise Tax Account Status " for verification) ; update their catalogue as needed to reflect changes in price and the availability of products or services offered.

  Catalogue Products / Services

Maintenance, Repair, Support Plan

Antares Development Corporation is committed to supporting customer needs.  We pride ourselves in responding to product and service support efforts.  If you have any questions concerning the products purchased from Antares please contact Gene Rodriguez or Porfirio Gomez at 210-736-2220.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.  NOTE: If the product you purchased is under warranty by the manufacturer and needs servicing, contact us at 210-736-2220 and we will give you the information to contact them directly.