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Hummingbird Logo
OpenText/Hummingbird - Product Information
       Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 Brochure PDF (1.6 MB)
          Information on Hummingbird Enterprise Content Management.
       Hummingbird White Paper PDF (923 KB)
          Technical Perspective on Enterprise Content Management.

Kofax Logo
Kofax - Product Information

       Kofax Ascent Internet Server PDF (256 KB)
          Kofax Ascent Internet Service Product Brochure.

       Kofax Ascent Release Script to Hummingbird DM PDF (810 KB)
          Kofax Ascent Capture Hummingbird DM Release Script Brochure.

       Kofax Ascent Xtrata PDF (435 KB)
          Kofax Ascent Xtrata Product Information Brochure.

       Kofax Ascent Brochure PDF (5.57 MB)
          Kofax Ascent Brochure - The Operating System of Capture.

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