Records Management
Compliance with records retention, management and disposition is also a major requirement for organizations. The vast use of electronic documents makes records management a difficult task that requires expert knowledge of the regulations and the electronic management systems needed to insure compliance. Antares is equipped to support implementation of an organization’s records compliance efforts.

Developing a records management system for an organization in today’s work environment is a daunting task. Determining how to handle records is the most difficult step. Many factors must be evaluated in determining classification, retention periods, inventory, storage, and destruction of records. Mounting legislative initiatives and government regulations, industry compliance, and asset evaluation are additional considerations when establishing a records management system. Today, records management standards require that all paper and electronic documents produced are consistent throughout the organization.

A structured records management system assists with simplifying an organization’s classification, research, and data retrieval of records for employees. In addition, it minimizes the effort spent by leaders within the organization regarding retention periods, destruction, and other time consuming tasks involved with records management.

The OpenText solution provides a secure and regulatory compliant environment for establishing a records management system. It involves comprehensive maintenance methods for the organization, handling, and disposition of all information within it, paper or electronic.

Key Attributes of OpenText eDOCS Records Management:
    Integrated Solution for the Enterprise Content Lifecycle
    Comprehensive Security
    DoD 5015.2 Certified with Worldwide Standards Compliance
    Simplified Deployment
    Advanced Records Administration
    Seamless Integration with other OpenText Solutions

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