Image Management
Imaging- Electronic document imaging, or scanning, is one way organizations became part of the concept of the ’paperless’ office trend of the late 1990’s. Yet organizations are producing an increasing amount of information on a daily basis and they have realized that it is practically impossible to eliminate paper documents.

There are many problems associated in storing and managing massive amount of documents. Paper documents can be misfiled, there are high costs associated with filing and retrieving, and there is a lack of security and control. Thus, an effective solution to these problems is needed.

Electronic document imaging involves scanning, digitizing and indexing documents. It provides a cost effective solution to massive storage and retrieval issues related to paper documents. It provides for the proper management, retention, and control of paper documents within an organization.

Benefits of Electronic Imaging:
    Controlled document preservation
    Simple and instant access to documents
    Access to documents by multiple users
    Reduction of costs for space and staff
    Improved workflow

OpenText Imaging is a desktop-based solution that integrates the users document viewing needs that is incorporated with a document management environment. Combined with Hummingbird DM, it provides a single repository where all users can access and manage all paper and electronic documents.

Organizations that need to do production scanning can utilize the Kofax Ascent Capture software. It provides for batch scanning, indexing, QC and release to a specific repository such as the Hummingbird DM.

Kofax Ascent also is capable of capturing electronic document files and moving them into a managed repository. This is welcomed feature that eliminates the need to print and scan documents that are already residing in a legacy system or some unmanaged share directory. Incoming faxes can also be captured by Kofax software. Furthermore, all of this can be done using the Internet so that scanning can be done at the source and validation and indexing can be done at central location.

A key to an effective scanning system is the ability to automate the validation/indexing process. Kofax Ascent uses Optical Character Resolution (OCR), Intelligent Character Resolution (ICR) and Mark Sense (OMR) for full page or zonal capture of indexing data. In addition, it makes it easy to validate index data by checking a database. It also allows for the auto population of index or metadata fields by accessing a database for the data.

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Product Highlights
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Document Management

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Did You Know?
1.  You can fit a four-drawer file cabinet on a single CD?

2.  Five Wall Street firms were fined more than $1.6 million each by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for not keeping key e-mails?

3.  Kofax Ascent Capture can move 1000's of documents from your old system to a new Hummingbird DM system for easy management, search and retrieval?

4.  OpenText eDOCS's document management system provides a mechanism for controlling an organization's electronic documents, including e-mails?