Document Management
Organizations have valuable corporate information dispersed in documents, spreadsheets, attachments, e-mails and databases that are very seldom shared. Finding key documents, gathering needed data and cross-sharing valuable information have become difficult, costly and sometimes impossible tasks in many organizations. This has taken on an added dimension with the growing use of the Internet adding additional requirements to the management of documents.
Information As An Asset
Information becomes more valuable as more people are able to access it. By facilitating easier access to corporate knowledge you increase the productivity and effectiveness of one of your most valuable and most expensive assets - your "knowledge workers".
Information As A Liability
Information becomes a liability when it is misused. Two situations cause information to be misused; unauthorized access and misinterpretation.

Document Management is a tool for organizations to manage their information as an ASSET and NOT allow it to become a LIABILITY.

Organizations today are constantly generating documents and it is essential to gain control over them whether they are in paper or electronic form. Many firms now need to implement information sharing practices. This is where document management fits in. It gives organizations the ability to adopt a uniform framework to catalog, manage, and share documents internally, or with customers, suppliers, and partners.

When adopting these concepts, it is important to factor in cost reductions, time efficiency, and the elimination of virtual and physical barriers to information sharing. Creating a secure, yet flexible environment for content management and sharing information of all document types within an organization is the function of a document management system.

Antares works in conjunction with OpenText eDOCS Document Management (DM) to assist both private and public entities to implement these effective work systems. Together, we are focused on providing a secure document management system that will serve the entire enterprise.

Document management allows users to:
    Track versions
    Control Access, and
    Track use history of documents

Key Attributes of OpenText eDOCS Document Management include:
    Familiar Client Interfaces
    Simple Deployment and Administration
    Scalable DM Engine
    Advanced Search Technology
    Customizable Security Model
    Advanced Compound Document Management
    Unique Forms Design Tool
    Fully Integrated Records Management System
    Seamless Integration with other OpenText Solutions

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Document Management

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2.  Five Wall Street firms were fined more than $1.6 million each by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for not keeping key e-mails?

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4.  OpenText eDOCS's document management system provides a mechanism for controlling an organization's electronic documents, including e-mails?