As an essential component of today’s corporate work environment, many organizations are streamlining business processes from individual efforts to project teams, or work groups. Establishing collaboration between key stakeholders allows them to publish, store, control, distribute, and share content of a project. It enables users to have simultaneous and multiple document sharing and creation. To aid with this transition, there are new technologies that simplify these collaborative initiatives among employees, customers, and all business-to-business stakeholders. These web-based collaborative technologies improve the efficiencies of communication, reduce costs and enhance productivity.

OpenText eDOCS Collaboration is a secure, web-based environment designed to manage complex projects involving both internal and external stakeholders. It enables intra- and inter-enterprise deployment of activities, thus enhancing productivity and speeding up deliverables.

Key Attributes of OpenText eDOCS Collaboration:
    Highly Secure Communications
    Delegated Authority Model
    Advanced Messaging
    Project Folders and Template Frameworks
    Flexible Project Calendar and Microsoft Office Integration
    Seamless Integration with OpenText eDOCS DM
    Enhanced Collaboration within OpenText eDOCS Portal
    Section 508 Compliant

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Product Highlights
OpenText eDOCS:
Document Management

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Did You Know?
1.  You can fit a four-drawer file cabinet on a single CD?

2.  Five Wall Street firms were fined more than $1.6 million each by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for not keeping key e-mails?

3.  Kofax Ascent Capture can move 1000's of documents from your old system to a new Hummingbird DM system for easy management, search and retrieval?

4.  OpenText eDOCS's document management system provides a mechanism for controlling an organization's electronic documents, including e-mails?