1. You can fit a four-drawer file cabinet on a single CD?
A four-drawer file cabinet can be scanned, indexed, and electronically stored on a single CD or managed electronically on-line in the Hummingbird Document Management system for access by hundreds of authorized users throughout the organization.
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2. Five Wall Street firms were fined more than $1.6 million each by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for not keeping key e-mails?
Even though the SEC may not regulate your firm or organization, you may still be required to manage many of your e-mails as records. This means you may delete record e-mails only after their specific retention periods are completed. The OpenText eDOCS DM/RM system provides a viable solution to managing e-mails in accord with the new rules regarding electronic records.
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3. Kofax Ascent Capture software can move 1000’s of documents in your Windows Explorer directories to an OpenText eDOCS DM system for easy management, search and retrieval?
Kofax Ascent Capture can automatically capture existing electronic files, not just paper files being scanned into images. Antares Knowledge Management Group is experienced in capturing millions of electronic files and moving them into an OpenText eDOCS DM repository for easy management and retrieval.
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4. Hummingbird’s document management system provides a mechanism for controlling an organization’s electronic documents, including e-mails?
Using the OpenText eDOCS DM software leads to:

  1. Easy searching and quick retrieving of documents.
  2. Sharing documents and their contents with others.
  3. Tracking versions of documents.
  4. Controlling access to documents.
  5. Maintaining an audit trail and viewing the history of the documents.
  6. Managing a document’s life cycle.
  7. Setting business rules: document types, attributes, access rights, etc.
  8. Locking in official originals as read only, to prevent changes.
  9. Using image capture, electronic forms and workflowComplying with records.
      management rules and regulations using the RM add on module.
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