AKMG Overview
Antares specializes in delivering electronic knowledge management and process improvement solutions including document and records management, image and data capture, electronic forms, document and project collaboration, enterprise information portals, and automated workflow. Our services translate your management and operations needs into a technical ’blueprint’ for selecting and developing the right hardware, software, and services to help you manage documents and transform information into useful knowledge assets.

Antares develops and supports the entire process from needs assessment, strategic planning, system design, installation, integration, testing, maintenance, training and support. We are a reseller and integrator for a wide range of knowledge management applications from the world’s leading software manufacturers, including Microsoft, Hummingbird Communications, and Kofax. Antares is also a reseller of a range of scanners from Fujitsu Corporation of America.

Most organizations have valuable corporate information dispersed in documents, spreadsheets, attachments, e-mails and databases that are very seldom shared. Finding key documents, gathering needed data and cross-sharing valuable information have become difficult, costly and sometimes impossible tasks in many organizations.

Antares helps harness the information available in an organization’s internal and external documents and files. With strategic use of knowledge management applications, an organization can store and manage all related information via a central system and, with proper security rights, access it from any workstation in the company. This capability then converts current and historical information into a valuable company asset for making better decisions, saving time, improving customer service and enhancing the bottom line.

Knowledge and Content Management Systems
Knowledge and Content Management solutions are provided to clients in both the private and public sectors. Antares’ staff is experienced in the following Knowledge Management Solutions:

        Document capture (scanning) including: bar code, e-mail, fax, imaging, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

        Electronic forms

        Electronic Reports Management

        Document Management applications

        Records Management applications

        Business Process Management (Workflow) applications

        Knowledge and Content Management applications

Using industry standard components, Antares configures document management systems that are cost effective, expandable and in full conformance with applicable records regulatory requirements.

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Product Highlights
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Did You Know?
1.  You can fit a four-drawer file cabinet on a single CD?

2.  Five Wall Street firms were fined more than $1.6 million each by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for not keeping key e-mails?

3.  Kofax Ascent Capture can move 1000's of documents from your old system to a new Hummingbird DM system for easy management, search and retrieval?

4.  OpenText eDOCS's document management system provides a mechanism for controlling an organization's electronic documents, including e-mails?