ACSG Overview

Antares Creative Software Group (ACSG) is a service oriented group providing consulting, programming, and support with a focus on customer satisfaction. These solutions can range from finding an off-the-shelf solution to developing a targeted solution providing exactly what is required. We don’t develop canned applications for sale but instead focus on solving a customer’s problem. We don’t begin to develop a solution until we thoroughly understand the problem. Today’s customers are increasingly driven by a desire to do more with less or by a need to realize a Return On Investment (ROI). Allow us to show you what we can do for you.

We develop software solutions using Industry Standard tools such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio (Version 6 as well as .Net). We also have expertise using and supporting IBM Informix 4GL. Our experience ranges from developing small single user applications which automate a single task, to small office applications supporting a handful of users, to large Corporate Information Systems with a distributed architecture and many users. Our primary focus is providing database driven applications, with experience utilizing small databases such as Microsoft Access, to large server-based databases such as Microsoft SQL or IBM Informix.

Our knowledge of Operating Systems includes the full range of Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/2003) as well as UNIX and Linux. This knowledge extends to networking these systems, and even integrating Windows and UNIX/Linux based servers into a common network. We can also assist you with securing this network using firewalls or extending this network to remote users or locations by using VPN based solutions.

Consulting Services

Let us analyze your needs and provide consulting services to solve your Technology problems. We can review your networking, software and hardware needs and provide you with an unbiased analysis and even assist in obtaining the solution you need.

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Development and Support Services

Allow us to develop a custom software solution to meet your needs and you won’t be disappointed. We have experience automating Accounting and Billing functions as well as other Office Automation Tasks. We handle the solution from Needs Analysis and Design, through Implementation and Installation, and beyond to Training and Support.

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Please feel free to Contact Us for more information or for a proposal.

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